Michelle McCulloch
Nix has been an outstanding dance studio for my daughters for over 5 years. All types of dance styles. Boys welcome too. Teachers are engaged and awesome. It is our dance Ohana. πŸŒΊπŸŒˆπŸ€™πŸ½β€οΈ
Gee S.
Went to this place Nix Dance years ago, join class for about maybe a month.. it was pretty kool to do some hip hop dancing.
iif u want to be flexible and have good dancing skills u should come to NIXPAC they can be hard on u cuz they want u to be the best dancer out there CUZ AT NIXPAC ITS DA BESTTT
Great Christian family who believes in taking care of the kids that attend their PAC!!! They are so encouraging and patient with all of their kids!
Jamie M.
This review is a bit tardy, but I am finally coming around to giving some well-deserved praise. We found this place through Yelp when we were scouting a dance instructor for our wedding first dance. I have to hand it to my fellow Yelpers for the stellar recommendation; Ed was great. He is clearly passionate about what he does, and he and his wife Juliet are very accommodating. We have very busy schedules, and they rescheduled our sessions multiple times and met us in the evenings after work and even on weekends. We would be exhausted and many times did not even feel like going to dance lessons, but then we would end up having so much fun. Afterwards, we were always glad that we went. At times, it was very stress-relieving and even calming to go in. This is largely due to the fact that Ed and Juliet are such nice people, and they make dancing fun. Just to provide some context, we attended private dance lessons about once a week for a couple of months before our wedding. We had no real prior dancing experience. I usually feel really uncomfortable dancing. But Ed was very patient and went through basic dance steps just to get us more used to things. After we finally picked a first dance song, he practiced everything from the entrance through to the end of the dance. He tailored the moves to us and our song. There were many times that we just changed things so that they just felt more comfortable. We did not get a one-size-fits-all type of dance. That makes it all the more special. Just so you know Ed used to be a dance instructor for, I think, Arthur Murray before he had his own studio, so in going with Ed, you get Arthur Murray instruction but for a much more reasonable price. Due to an injury, he cannot dance as much as he would like to, but he often times would still show us how to do certain dance moves by bringing in Juliet to our dance session. I think Ed is due for a surgery, so he will be up and running again. However, the bottom line is that the best instructor is one who can teach people who do not know how to dance how to dance. And Ed is very good at that.
Hazel Y.
Harry and I took dance lesson 1 month prior to our wedding. With such a short of time to work with, we we're worried we wouldn't be able to put together and learn the moves for our first dance. Mr. ED is AMAZING, very patient especially with beginners like us, will make you feel comfortable the whole time, he choreographed a beautiful n unique dance for us and he works with our schedule at all times...HE is our dance-angel sent from the heavens to save our first dance HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM... Thank you for everything, we both have a great time learning something new together and it was an amazing experience.
Nalei G.
This review is WAY overdue, sorry! My now husband & I decided last minute that we wanted to do a choreographed ballroom number for our first dance at our wedding reception. With less than a month left before the wedding, I figured we might be able to find a place to teach us some basic steps & maybe a cool entrance (neither of us had any ballroom experience). SO glad we found Ed & Nix Performing Arts Center!! He choreographed an entire dance for us & he was so easy to work with. He was able to accommodate our schedules & even worked with us a little extra to make sure our dance was perfect....and it was!! A year later & guests still remember our first dance!